Updated November 26, 2018 (updated monthly on the 26th)

This page focuses on human factors methods and tools in relation to clinical work. Included are links to overviews of various analysis methods along with articles on the application of human factors methods in clinical care. For information specifically on EHR usability, see EHR Science Usability. Clinical workflow materials may be found here Clinical Workflow

The websites below were chosen because of the quality of information they offer. They offer many references and tutorials and are good places to start learning about human factors methods. Article citations are provided as practical examples of human factors methods. (Clinical workflow and EHR usability have their own pages.)

AHRQ has aggregated a diverse set of references and tools on for key work analysis methods. Each method is accompanied by a brief outline and links to relevant, clinically-focused articles.
Hierarchical Task Analysis
Goals, Operators, Methods, and Selection Rules
Cognitive Task Analysis
Verbal Protocol Analysis
Task Decomposition

A Georgia Institute of Technology hosted site with great information about user-centered design.
User-Centered Design

User Experience Professional Association
Usability Book of Knowledge/Methods – This is a tremendous resource providing overviews and links to a wide variety of materials covering seemingly every possible human factors topic.

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